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Michigan State University

East Lansing


Location & Parking

Business College Complex

This information was current for WLD 2017. Please check for updated information in spring 2018.


The street address of the Business College Complex, where World Languages day is held, is 632 Bogue Street, East Lansing, MI 48824.

Note that if you park in any of the ramps or lots designated below, it is most likely that you will enter the building through a door marked "Eugene C. Eppley Center." It also appears as "School of Hospitality Business" on the Google map above. The two buildings are connected and registration will occur just inside the Eppley Center doors. The address of the Eppley Center is 645 N. Shaw Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824.

Car Parking

Individual cars may be parked in Ramp #3 (also marked as Lot #19 on some maps and labelled "Wharton Center Parking Lot" if you zoom in on map above), the ramp adjacent to the Wharton Center for Performing Arts. This is a change from previous years! Ramp 3 is accessed from East Shaw Lane. Parking is free, and no special permits or passes are required. Since the event is on a Saturday, you MAY park in spaces that normally require permits on weekdays; however, please read posted placards very carefully to make sure that any given space is not also reserved on weekends (e.g., some leased spaces, University vehicle spaces, spaces for persons with disabilities).  No cars may be left in any lot or ramp between 2:00am-6:00am.

Bus Parking

Buses will park in Lot 89, located on the northwest corner of E. Mt. Hope Road and Farm Lane. Drivers should drop participants at the Business College Complex (south-facing door off N. Shaw Lane, door is marked "Eugene C. Eppley Center" and alternate address is 645 N. Shaw Lane), then park in Lot 89 or off campus at their discretion. A map of the drop-off and parking areas and other information for bus drivers is available here. Please have your driver contact us with any questions.

Other Information

Further information and maps can be found at

Please note: You are responsible for any parking tickets you incur. World Languages Day cannot pay for any tickets or intercede with the Department of Police and Public Safety on your behalf.