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Michigan State University

East Lansing

2018 Top Photos

A multilingual welcome

Volunteers ready to check students in

Breakfast is all set up

Participants begin to arrive

Checking out some of the exhibit tables

Learning about Youth For Understanding

Lots of options at the t-shirt table

Chair Joy Campbell makes some plenary announcements

Speaker Dr Sonja Fritsche addresses the crowd

Plenary speaker Emma Dunn speaks about her language learning adventures

Speakers Emma Dunn and Sonja Fritzsche

Talking to exhibitors after the plenary

Learning about the Peace Corps

The t-shirt table is busy

Finding out about the Confucius Institute

The staff room full of volunteers and staff members working behind the scenes

Sessions begin - here students learn about the Yoruba language

Panelists talk about languages they learned in the Peace Corps

Talking to a Fulbright teaching assistant from Russia

A Fulbright teaching assistant from Morocco speaks to students

Trying the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira

Starting out on a campus tour

Having fun in a session

Learning a little Hungarian

Learning about Vietnamese New Year

Checking a Japanese worksheet

Welcome to Japan

Passing time between

Lining up for spiced Emerati coffee

Friendly exchange students on a panel

A traditional Vietnamese instrument

A taste of linguistics

The WLD committee takes a quick photo break

A geography lesson

German music session

Sing you must

Volunteers chat during a slow time

Indian classical dance

Posing with dancers after a great session

Making new friends

A thought as participants head home