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Michigan State University

East Lansing

2010 Top Photos

Starting the day

A multilingual welcome

A brisk morning for World Languages Day

Standing ready

Checking in for a day of fun

A helpful volunteer

Registration tables

Still streaming in

More students beginning the day

Busy registration volunteers

Checking the schedule

Time to grab breakfast

First plenary speaker Azra Salihovic

Audience participation

Well...most of the audience

Second plenary speaker Darius Beasley

Capturing the plenary

Darius has their attention

Calling on the crowd

Having fun

Glad the morning rush is over

Heading out to the exhibit booths

The information booth is a popular stop

Learning about MSU

Heading to sessions

The Indonesian session looks like fun

Teacher session on teaching vocabulary

Smiles in the Israeli folk dancing session

Breath exercises in the Spanish tongue twisters session

More tongue twister smiles

Youngest WLD participant takes tongue twisting to a new level

The t-shirt booth does brisk business between sessions

One t-shirt customer heads to her next session

South American slang is the topic today

Looks like fun

The salsa dancing session is always popular

Heading for lunch in McDonel Hall

McDonel has an international flair

Lunch break

Volunteers are always ready to help

Beginning the tai chi session

Tai chi moves

Good form

Off to learn more languages

A longtime volunteer with the Swahili presenter

Enter the Roman army

Looking a little worried about the invasion

Quintus Fabricus Varus

Learning taekwondo

Colorful Mexican costumes