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Michigan State University

East Lansing

2011 Top Photos

WLD preparations - the weeks before get pretty crazy

Controlled chaos

The WLD team loads the truck

Finally, the big day arrives

Registration can get crowded

A teacher checks in

Comparing schedules

World traveler Sam Singh delivers the plenary address

Audience participation

Participants visit information booths after the plenary

Teachers check out CLEAR resources

Spinning the trivia wheel

And finally - the sessions begin

Learning Chinese martial arts

There are always lots of photo ops

Middle Eastern dance traditions

Proper finger placement

A Russian lesson - or maybe the Hokey Pokey

Volunteers help give directions between sessions

Participants during passing time

A lesson in Wolof

An enthusiastic West African presenter

Salsa is always one of the most popular sessions

Salsa dancing 101

Israeli snacks from the Hebrew session leader

Staff get the fun job of doing Prize Patrol

A lecture about Italian pizza

A student trying their hand at making Italian pizza dough

Kneading the dough in Italiano

Remembering the day