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Michigan State University

East Lansing

2017 Top Photos

The first volunteers arrive before 6:30 to set up!

A multilingual welcome despite the rain

The first participants arrive

Celebrating ten years

Checking schedules

Ready to welcome teachers at registration

Free posters

Plenary speaker and MSU grad Nathan Bynum

Visiting the exhibit tables

The group from Youth for Understanding

Sparty + Starbucks

Learning about Tanzania

Swahili presenter Asmaha Heddi

Talking about dating in the Philippines

Chatting with a volunteer between sessions

The colorful presenters of the Ragamalika Ensemble

Salsa dancing demo

T-shirts for sale

Yoga presenter Kristen Gmerek begins the session

Trying a new pose

Tree pose

Photographer Hannah Robar

Volunteers ready to lead you to lunch

A presenter from Mauritania shows his traditional clothing

Learning about British English

Mariko Kawaguchi teaches students about Japan

Listening to a presenter

Turkish presenter Metin Torlak begins his session

Selfie break

The volunteers are still pretty chipper

Plenary speaker Nathan Bynum also led two sessions on Japanese calligraphy

Intent on trying to replicate a character

Final passing time between sessions

The WLD committee takes a photo break

Korean games

K-Pop and Korean snacks

Nahid Shiran talks about the Persian new year

Seven symbols for the Persian new year

Collecting name tags at the end of the day

A multilingual farewell

See you next year!